Backstage studio photo shoot

Studio photo shoot Milano Sofia Alberti

Made the photos in Milan, we also needed some significant shots that highlighted only our clothes, shots that would have been useful for the fundamental online shop in order to sell our clothes in the simplest and most direct way possible.

In the studio we have thus been able to highlight not only the extraordinary beauty of our models who have impeccably worn our clothes, but also the details and the care with which the clothes themselves are made. Our stylist has created beautiful, unique, richly detailed and tailored dresses.
Sofia Alberti is the result of the passion and creativity, as well as of the experience, of two friends who have strongly wanted to revive the handmade sartorial dress.

The photographic shots made in the studio have told even more about all this passion and energy, making both details and uniqueness the protagonists on a neutral background.

In the studio we were also able to officially portray the clothes for small dogs, combined with the main clothes of our collection.
It was not easy to take pictures of our little friends but in the end we managed to do a good job and to highlight this very interesting and very popular category of clothes on the fashion market.

Also thanks in this case to our beautiful models Linda Merlini and Gloria Anselmi, to our professional photographer Luca Rossato and to those who have made this wonderful day of indispensable shots feasible.

Here are some photos of the day:

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